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Gratest Hits (2005)

Splinter (2003)

Conspiracy Of One (2000)

Americana (1998)

Ixnay On The Hombre(1997)

Smash (1994)

Ignition (1992)

The Offspring (1990)

e-offspring  Splinter
  Columbia Records
  play   tekst      1. Neocon
  play   tekst      2. The Noose
  play   tekst      3. Long Way Home
  play   tekst   video    4. Hit That
  play   tekst      5. Race Against Myself
  play   tekst   video    6. (Can't Get My) Head Around You
  play   tekst      7. The Worst Hangover Ever
  play   tekst      8. Never Gonna Find Me
  play   tekst      9. Lightning Rod
  play   tekst     10. Spare Me The Details
  play   tekst   video   11. Da Hui
  play       12. When You're In Prision

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