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Gratest Hits (2005)

Splinter (2003)

Conspiracy Of One (2000)

Americana (1998)

Ixnay On The Hombre(1997)

Smash (1994)

Ignition (1992)

The Offspring (1990)

e-offspring  Smash
  Epitaph Records
  play        1. Time To Relax
  play   tekst      2. Nitro [Youth Energy]
  play   tekst      3. Bad Habit
  play   tekst   video    4. Gotta Get Away
  play   tekst      5. Genocide
  play   tekst      6. Something To Believe In
  play   tekst   video    7. Come Out And Play [Keep 'em Separated]
  play   tekst   video    8. Self Esteem
  play   tekst      9. It'll Be A Long Time
  play   tekst     10. Killboy Powerhead
  play   tekst     11. What Happened To You?
  play   tekst     12. So Alone
  play   tekst     13. Not The One
  play   tekst     14. Smash

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